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Welcome to Crystara, a world on magic, chaos, and more created by D. "Mintaka" Peal.  Currently only a light amount of information is in existence here - core information on characters that are important or otherwise relevent information to the world.  The real story is in-works, and I hope to publish that as a graphic novel someday.  What you'll find here right now is side-related stuff - the comic being the center of that.


--Jan 13 04 :: Comic #05 up, AND art section updates with four (yes, 4!) pics... all of Richard.  How... delightful. Also minor updates to FAQ-like info... added an MSN contact and also modded the bio a bit (albeit slightly joking in parts, some IS truth about me though!). And minor fotter adjustment too. A;sp added Bio info on Miya Sanderson, because ehr name was referenced in the Comic.

I ... like this layout a lot actually.  Considering pulling the journals now, though wanting to put another section up.  Maybe random lines I can attribute and also some funny quiz results related to them.  We'll see what I come up with...

There was something else, but I've forgotten.  Oh... Kikkyou is now Monochromatic Butterfly (subtitle Kikkyou) ... in case anyone wonders about THAT change. :)  Go visit it anyway.

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