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All art here is by me over the last few years as I've worked on it.  Some is rather old indeed, but worth keeping around. Some is new. Most of these are Mintaka or Johnathan [or have them]; should be obvious why.  DO NOT take and use these without my permission.  I'd prefer if you'd ask and tell me why you want to use them.  I worked hard on these. [The only places any of these will exist other than here is Monochomatic Butterfly or my Elfowood gallery.  IF someone is using a piece of my work, without credit to me, contact me and let me know. Art theft is serious. Just because it is online does NOT mean free use and especially claiming credit.]

*Starting in Jan. 2004, all new art is going to the top.  Some form of age order will be instituted on artwork under the piece titled "Innocent" ... (Since the bottom piece is much newer then half the stuff above it.) :D  So all those Richard pieces are ALL shiny happy new... er, relatively in the last few months.  (Updated Jan 13.)

"Happy Holidays" (2003) - Richard Angora
Medium: Watercolor and brush pen
File Size: 104.0kb
This is my attempt at trying watercolors again and also using a brush pen.  DOne on watercolor board... and Richard's jacket is so messed up.  Meobius strip anyone?  :D  It's a pullover vest, really, he just likes to confuse people. ;)  Done for the 2003 holidays... and made me start wanting to paint again.  Look out Crystara...

"Symphonia" - Richard Angora
Medium: Painter 7
File Size: 15.2kb
A "Painted" style look, profile of Richard with straight-black hair... used on Ichor Angeus layouts 8.0 and 8.5 - I really like how it looks.  Dliberate use of flat black BG with black hair to bring the face out. His eyes drive me nuts.  Really.

"Distort My Reality" - Richard Angora
Medium: Painter 7
File Size: 50.0kb
Boredom in Painter leads t misproportionate but interesting looking pieces such as this. Richard serously has to stop playing with reality... *wink* Not my best by a long shot, but interesting... painted style happenings.

"Isn't he so Cuddly?!" - Richard Angora as a plushie
Medium: Painter 7
File Size: 96.4kb
I want one! Did this because, well, I did.  They're nifty to "give out" too... good when in any mood, for cuddling or throwing... the Richard Plushie doesn't care!  Also how I managed to FINALLY get a design for him... For some reason he just refused to be drawn any other way.

"Innocent" - Phoenix Steven Stadlter
Medium: Painter 7
File Size: 135.8kb
Tried a new line art style, and I think it turned out well.  Also tried a "framed" background to tuck him into.  Looks good.  Almost limited my colors to blue and the white/black/grey shades.  The resident perv gets a pic.  XD

"Trichromatic Trauma" - Rex Clark
Medium: Painter 7
File Size: 171.5kb
A piece I did to show Rex... both sides of him, and revieal part of the truth.  There's way more notes about him on the art page at Kikkyou, which I need to explain more clearly over here.  Which I am. But mostly, this was the "reflection in the broken mirror" of the truth and secrets of his family that plague him more then just his father's ways.

Anita Anogra, design/pose
Medium: Photoshop
File Size: 139.3kb
The line art is almost two years old; the coloring was just this week.  I'm rather happy with how she turned out, aside a few minor details.  The only thing missing is her pendant, but that's because she wears it under the uniform [anti-theft/prank - YOU be Richard's full-blood relative and find out what he can do...!]

A Tactical Holloween
Medium: Pen, Photoshop 6
File Size: 165.7kb
Drawn some time ago to celebrate Halloween, using characters from Crystara dressed up as jobs frm FF Tactics. Don't worry much about the ladies there, one knows Cavalien, and the other... we'll see. From left to right is Mintaka [Summoner], Johnathan [Wizard], Sabrina [Ninja], Richard [Mime], and Kana [Squire].

Johnathan, petal rain
Medium: Painter Classic
File Size: 41.8kb
Done some time ago, and still fairly true to Mr. Shaw in his Controller uninorm.

Mintaka, a random design
Medium: ink, Photoshop 6
File Size: 84.8kb
I did this some time ago - there's a version of this on Elfwood too. Probably will never see this design ever again, even though it wasn't too bad.  A rare real background from me...

The Morning...
Medium: Painter Classic
File Size: 114.3kb
Done in Painter Classic off a sketch I did, was intended for the very first Crystara site layout. It has its share fo flaws and such, but I still like it to some degree.

Mintaka, post-war homecoming 'portrait'
Medium: Painter7
File Size: 219.4kb
Taken from a pencil sketch and colored in Painter7. A semi-decent sketch and a rushed color job.  Not my best, but good enough for work.  Even reflects that eye he lost in the war...

Johnathan Shaw, a moment in time
Medium: Painter7
File Size: 150.1kb
A sketch given the full treatment of being redrawn in Painter7 and colored nicely.  Taken form the design sheet I did for him, the design I finally settled on [out of uniform]. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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