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Here is the groundwork of understanding Crystara - the ins, outs, and machinations that make the whole thing possible and why it hasn't imploded.

What is Crystara?

Crystara is a living, breathing, world, existing beyond our reality, somewhere past many other such existences, on the fringes of the known nether regions. As much as the mortals of Crystara know by legend, it was born of the combined efforts of the High Council of Crystara - the deities which govern over Crystara and watch over it.

Two primary deities were at the forefront of this - Ceveline of the Crystals and Halatien of the Elements. Crystara is a blend of both worlds of magical power and creative force - opposites put together, though functioning fine. It was here that new and interesting races were born, and here that the whole of existence can trace many minor things - both good and bad.  Some travellers of existence claim several deities of other realms came form Crystara, while some blame it for the banes of their worlds.

What Lives There?

Many things live there - humans were the first inhabitants brougth forth by the council, and the elves shortly after.  Magical monsters follwed, but the greatest work of al was the fusion of magic and man into one being naturally, without the requirements of most magicians and sorcerors.  The Kanyi were born in Crystara, but their story si a tale of tragedy and pain more then it ever was glory.  Humans not so gifted resented some, but it was the complete loss of sanity of one - a massive killing spree depopulating a whole continent - that truly threw the races into war.

Phoenix, dragon, the angels and demons, gryphons - they all waged war for almost a milennia as even the deities argued about what had happened. Kyanth, the first Kanyi and god of them - and also Guardian of Magic of the council - argued there was no way anyone culd have known, and that it was a fluke. Many argued that why could it not happen again - the power was too unpredictable.

Marakaeth, Lead God of the council would not have the extermination of the Kanyi - all three branches, though one was dying out rapidly - and found peace.  The mortals however, were always distrusting, and Phoenixes and other magical creatures were branded as Kanyi when they were not. In the many milennia that passed, problems flares and settled, arguements, and a struggle for survival for a race who's only fault seemed to be existing.

The People?

The Kanyi are nto quite the most populous race of all of Crystara - they're actually third behind the humans and the elvenkind.  Kanyi bloodlines are long and can go generations in a family without showing up again.  The blood of one in the family does not guarentee being a Kanyi - only a close natural kinship with an element and 'the mark' are proof - and then Kyanth himself said tha only he knew who was and wasn't truly one of the race.

It was not a matter of elitism; Kanyi's powers and abilities were largely unwatched.  No one knows for certain what makes a true Kanyi tick, or even what wholly defines them past their magical affinities and abilities. Some Dragons, Phoenixes, etc. are Kanyi as well; many are not, yet gifted in magic. The truth remains a mystery lost in time; none of the Council even know exactly how to define it.

Kanyi themselves have three distinct groupings - the Kiyari, the Emyra, and the Lokora.  They are terms loosely thrown about tat people can only guess at the meaning - most Lokora seem to be dark, brooding, or evil - the Kiyari light and tranquil.  Emyras - the assumed neutrals - died out ages ago.  Some deny such simple trappings for the name, saying there's mroe to it then that, but will not go into detail.

The Magic?

The magic of Crystara is broken into three areas - though one is never considered such, it still deserves mention by every schoar of the world and even the gods. The first is Element magic - one of the two elements of Crystara that made the world.  Sometimes called Natural Element - this is the basic fire, water, earth, wind, and many more that we know and understand. Elemental is the major known magical force of many existences.

The other element is Crystal - the second building block of Crystara, and something which seems quite more unique to the world then its counterpart and opposite.  Crystal draws on the natural powers of the stones - be it Ruby, Diamond, or Emerald - to produce effects similar to the Natural Elements. Long debates have raged about which is better - several factions formed around them and have warred. The subject of elements and magic is a terse one with the already-tense atmosphere caused by the Kanyi's powers related to them.

Humans can channel both with their outwards ways of magics, and do so limitedly. The third force to be reckoned with in Crystara is the Psychic powers, the latent force of mind that few - Kanyi or human - seem to have any full control over or understanding of.  Few peopel are true Psychs, having their powers really com from the elements.

Two elements fom the base of both element groups.  For the Naturals, it is Rune and Nightfire.  For the Crystals, it is Black Sapphire and Ice Diamond.  No one of recent record ahs been known to control them since the factions that protected them vanished at the birth of all the other factions.

The Factions...

A major problem of 'modren' Crystara are the factions, formed about 300 years after the formation of Crystal City - and Kyanth's untimely death. The factions formed for many reasons, including to fight or aid the hunters of kanyi, or to stand fast for beliefs in the lements, or simply to represent their own kinds. Dragon guardians, Phoenixlords, and the Gryphs all exist to stand for their kind and protect and aid them.  The Controllers of Crystal and Guardians of Elements wage a war based partly on power of element, but behind that common facade is a war of beliefs and a personal problem between the original founders that never died with them.  Other factins exist for their own purposes - many are limited in number of acting positions, but support behind many is common.  Quite a few factions have come and go solely bsaed on the stance of the Kanyi hunts and the protection of a race suffering persecution.


It is no fault of anyone's why things are they way they are in 'present' Crystara.  The only problem everyone lingers on was what Kyanth said on his deathbed so many milennia ago about the one who would come and destroy everything they knew.  The Ice-Fire Phoenix. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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