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Crystal/Element Conversion

The following list is the conversion from a Crystal Element into a Natural Element equivalent. The list can be read as Crystal [Natural] and is in Crystal Alphabetical order.  If you want to find an element, use ctrl+f and enter it - granted, its a fair guessing game if you don't know what does and doesn't exist here!

Alexandrite [Vertigo]
Amber [Evolution]
Amethyst [Metal]
Aquamarine [Ice]
Bloodstone [Genetic]
Celestine [Shapechange]
Citrine [Lightning]
Cyprine [Mind]
Diamond [Radience]
Emerald [Emotion]
Gold [Psyonic]
Hematite [Reflection]
Indicolite [Knowledge]
Jade [Earth]
Jet [Black]
Kyanite [Dream]
Labradorite [Protection]
Lapis Lazuli [Manipulate]
Malachite [Summon]
Moonstone [Illusion]
Nephrite [Destruction]
Obsidian [Alteration]
Onyx [Shadow]
Opal [Holy]
Padparadscha [Mimic]
Pearl [Purity]
Phenakite [Mystic]
Platinum [Cybernetic]
Quartz [Crystal]
Rubellite [Charm]
Ruby [Life]
Sapphire [White]
Silver [Magic]
Star Amber [Creation]
Star Amethyst [Death]
Star Aquamarine [Heal]
Star Citrine [Pain]
Star Diamond [Elemental]
Star Emerald [Ultima]
Star Jade [Poison]
Star Jet [Time]
Star Lapis Lazuli [Divination]
Star Obsidian [Cosmic Destiny]
Star Onyx [Shadowflare]
Star Opal [Wind]
Star Quartz [Sense]
Star Ruby [Fire]
Star Sapphire [Water]
Turquiose [Weather]
Zoisite [Nature]

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