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She may LOOK

Name: Anita Victeliene Angora
Sex: Female
Race: Kanyi [Kiyari Kanyi]
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 103 lbs.
Hair: Magenta [usually]
Eyes: Amber or Grey [varies]
Date of Birth: Topaz 3 14762
Place of Birth: Crystal City [Diamond Sector]
Faction: Crystal Controller [Amethyst]
Parents: Asylia Angora + Tericor Adera

Personality: Not quite as crazy as hr full-blood brother Richard, but has her own set of quirks. Usually cheery in an odd sort fo way, though has one hell of a temper and not afraid to show it.

Short History:

Anita is the second child of Asylia and Tericor's marriage. She is a half-sister to Mintaka, and one of the Crystal Controllers as well. She gets along with most people, unless they insult her heritage or her family, then she can be extremely vicous when risen to full anger and into combat.  Most who know her avoid getting her mad, and she does not let grudges go at all. She currently has a rather large hatred for a few Controllers for their attitudes, but keeps herself in line for Mintaka's sake.

She and Richard are often in-cahoots on plans to cause trouble/pranks on people, and can be found in each other's company a lot. She's typically an inside person, though she does go outdoors to excercise and practice her magic & whip skills. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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