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Mintaka, a fairly good mood... must be just after the war...Name: Mintaka Kyuna Angora
Sex: Male
Race: Kanyi [Kiyari] Phoenix/Chaldkydri heritage
Height: 6' 1 1/2"
Weight: 134 lbs.
Hair: Cobalt blue
Eyes: Frosty green
Date of Birth: 25 Emerald 14760
Place of Birth: Crystal City [Diamond Sector - Hospital]
Faction: Crystal Controller [Star Diamond]
Parents: Asylia Angora + ?? [Phoenix A. Stadtler remains the accused, but denies this]

Personality: Introspective and introverted, someone who does what's needed, even if reluctantly.  Stands by his beliefs. Known to be highly-emotional at ties, and other quite level-headed during chaotic times.  An enigma.

Short History:

Mintaka was born to Asylia, but not the child of her husband Tericor.  He was handed over to the accused father - Gen. Phoenix A. Stadtler of the Crystal City forces - and raised by him. At the age of eight, while waiting on the General to get out of a meeting, Mintaka wandered into the basement of the Aurora Tower and found a young child cryofrozen, and unlocked him.  The two would grow to be fast friends and lifelong partners - Johnathan Shaw was the cloest to family he had in those years.  As Pheonix was called off to war, Mintaka and Johnathan were handed to Phoenix's trusted friend Lyrix Erickson.

While in Lyrix's care, they wandered Crystal City together, but never in true danger as Lyrix always had someone on the alert. Only once did something happen that was unavoidable - and that was th temporary poisoning/blinding of Mintaka for a year, keeping hm out fo contact with the world, as he could not see, nor hear or speak from the system shock of the poison. It took the efforts of Johnathan, Rex and Cavalien [whom they ahd known for two months by then] just to get him home, and the moral support and help of Joshua and Richard [Richard being his half-brother and Joshua being his half-brother's friend] as well to help him recover. Lyrix knew Mintaka's potentials right off, and started training him to become the next Star Diamond, and Johnathan to fill the missing part of Silver.  Mintaka joined the war effort at fourteen, and came back in two years a Lt. - however his return was bittersweet, and only the start of a fall.

The ifrst notable thing on return was the bandage - he'd lost his left eye shortly before the end, and it was covered by the magical bandaga as the docotors all prayed it would someday heal.  No one was sure what had been in the injury, only tht it was unreactive to most methods of treatment, and so they used this 'scond' layer of skin to keep the wound clean and the blood inside of him. This is the least of his concerns, though, as it was things around him that went wrong.

Phoenix had died at the end of the war at the hands of an unknown enemy, and then his girlfriend, Miya Sanderson, left him.  In only a month he suffered another loss; his mother Asylia died of an overdose 5 times over the lethal dose of an illegal drug [Rythix], which was near impossible to manage.  However, no one called foul and suspected murder, and this left Mintaka in a deep despair of the losses.  Lyrix kept him focused on training, and Johnathan supported Mintaka in those dark times.  Suddenly, Lyrix fell ill, which worried Mintaka greatly; there was no reason for him to have, and Mintaka felt unready to take any position yet.  He had not known Lyrix intended him to take his place; merely to fill the spot of the one he did choose.  As he lay there dying, he named his successor in a room full of the faction, naming Mintaka as such and making him the youngest Star Diamond Controller in the history of the factions at sixteen.

After Lyrix died Mintaka became withdrawn, and took out much of his aggressions about his losses in the underground Arena scene as Moonlight.  He spent nearly six months at the task before he finally felt capable of facing up to all the responsibility. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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