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Name: Richard Michael Angora
Sex: Male
Race: Kanyi [dragon + phoenix]
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 129 lbs.
Hair: Black, with random locks of hair that are psychadelic-colored [like tie-dye]
Eyes: Milky medium blue - completely through the eye, not JUST the pupil
Date of Birth: 8 Moonstone 14761
Place of Birth: Crystal City [Diamond Sector - Hospital]
Faction: Elemental Dragon Guardians [Vertigo]
Parents: Tericor Adera + Asylia Angora

Personality: Insane.  He's unpredictable and can be like anyone or anything; as far as anyone knows despite answering to the same name al the time, everyone's sure he has multiple personalities which explain how he can have so many pssible mental diseases.  Usually a calm, relaxed sort of person, though animated at times and passionate about many odd thigns, including clover eating.

Short History:

Richard, for no explainable reason, is insane beyond insane.  And even the best asylum cannot keep him locked up for long.  He's witty, charming, and very charismatic.  Very rarely has anyone considered hm a true threat however, and thus he is allowed to live outside the asylums - thankfully for the keepers he drove nuts trying to keep him in.

He knows little fear, and is willing to try just about anything for the sake of doing so. His favorite thing to do is eat clover - much to the annoyance of his half-brother Mintaka and the grossing-out of Johnathan. He's also quite passionate about the rights of obscure races, and against the exploitation of anyone or their abilities or appearance - especially appearance.

He prefers to employ confusion and deception in fights, also incoporating his Vertigo powers before closing in for the quick hits with any decently small weapon.  He prefers not to get into fights physically, preferring to mentally torture them to make them NOT fight by using illogical logic and running thigns in circles until they're too confused to rememebr what happened.

He's also a master of disguise. His best friend is Joshua McKaye-Shaw, whom he met at a park one day, and for some odd reason, they hit off well and make a great team.  As Richard is the mental skills, Joshua has physical skills - and a strong magical base along with it.  Both are outcasts of sorts, Richard for his insanity, and Joshua for his appearance [and powers slightly]. His odd-colored streaks of hair and eyes are the most distinguishing and outstanding feature he has, although he can occasionally sprout a dragon's tail and horns. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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