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He's the one behind the camera, not in it... and with reasons...Name: Rex Allen Clark
Sex: Male
Race: Kanyi [unknown other-blood]
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 153 lbs.
Hair: Jet black
Eyes: Emerald green
Date of Birth: 14 Jet 14758
Place of Birth: Crystal City [Emerald Sector]
Faction: Elemental Dragon Guardians [unknown]
Parents: Clyde Clark + Emilise Clark [married; she died shortly after his birth]

Personality: Cool, calculating, relaxed, hiding behind a mask of emotionlessness to protect himself, but not so far as to be as cold as his father is said to be. When among friends he's outgoing, fun-loving, and sometimes mischevious.

Short History:

Rex Clark is the son of Clyde Clark, a man known for his coldness and stoic attitude to all things - and a person no one wishes to cross.  Many percieve Rex to be much like his father since they look so much alike when Clyde was his age; Rex takes a resentment to that, not wanting to be anything like his father. His mother was acompassionate woman who loved Clyde dearly.  After her death - shortly after Rex's birth - Clyde seemed to change into what he is now.  Rex strives to be more like his mother, but in the volatile atmosphere in his times its almost impossible without risking death.

He ran away from home, preferring the streets to his father's presence - and that of his younger brother, Neko. He cares deeply for Neko's full-blood sister Tiffany, but cannot endure those two for her.  He does visit her often though, wishing he could get her out of the house and away from their poisonous ways. The streets suited him, and he refined his combat skills with many weapons, though he is considered deadliest unarmed, when it comes to raw natural ability - dexterity and agility - and his magical prowess.

Rex met Cavalien while on the streets and they vowed friendship to protect one another, and it was these two who would find Johnathan and Mintaka in a bad situation on the streets one night and save them, forming the further bonds of friendship. Rex always wears gloves, no matter what, and never wears shorts, often draped in clothing no matter the weather - and often in shades or black and green, or grey, and rarely white. Should he wear white, stay far clear of him - it means he is definitely ready for a fight, and won't hold back.

His pointed ears are a family trait, but they are not elven ears.  Some rumors persist the Clark family is nothing more then Vampires who can tolerate the sun, but there is no proof to support it.  However, some other, more interesting theories circulate, and some are eerily provable, if they could only see more then they did. The truth is the Clark lineage - the males - are all cursed with the darkness of Nightfire - Hellfire is more the term they use, and they are partly creatures of the night - and semi-undead. Rex wears gloves to hide the fact his hands are merely bone - the gloves make it seem like there is flesh where there is none. Tattoos and other marks that would easily prove their near-demonic inheretence adorn their skin [all males once they reach true adulthood gain these marks, so Neko has not reached this point].  Rex, knowing that they would be persecuted for this, wisely hids the truth, but on certain nights cannot hide the truth - nor when truly angered beyond all reasoning. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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