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Name: Johnythyn Makari Karadontia
Sex: Male
Race: Unknown [won't tell, prefers not to be asked.]
Height: 6' 1 1/2"
Weight: 120 ibs.
Hair: Chocolate Brown
Eyes: Blue-green to green (typical) [shift with mood]
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Faction: None known.
Parents: Unknown.

Personality: Tempermental to some, and downright annoying to others.  A man who shos little emotion other than the smirk that often finds its way onto his lips as he says something to mock a person. Very little is truly known about him, other than that he has access to just about any information, and that he's not someone you should be an enemy of. Sarcasm and wit abound, and a cynical streak a mile wide to match.

Short History:

Not much is known about Karadontia, as most call him, Kara to few [such as Mintaka].  He won't talk about his own past, but knows much more than anyone else oculd ever hope.  Maintains a "Systema" which he is linked to almost constantly below the Aurora Tower of Crystal City; this is the source for much of his knowledge.  The relationship between man and machine is not known,or if he's even humn, but Johnathan Shaw speculates so, if only because no machine could be so "cruelly calculating enough to have that many possible ways to insult, torture, and annoy me." Karadontia's quite 'human' - or at least fleshy - though his own origins remain a mystery.

The only thing known for certain about him is that he's blind - born that way, and never corrected.  Part of that stems from his lack of wanting to have it fixed; he finds it more convenient to not have sight impede his judgement of others, and he has the Systema to aid in "seeing" anyway when he does not tap his 'sixth senses'.  Some believe he's one fo the rare true Psychic power users, but no one has proof. The only other known fact is that Johnythyn has a brother named Sapphire, though his whereabouts are unknown even to him.

Karadontia rarely associates with anyone, though he finds the company of Johnathan Shaw entertaining as he finds new ways to irritate and rile him, and Mintka to eithe rbe a nuisance or a source of entertainment  Behind the facade of tricks, sarcasm, and slights, Karadontia is concerned for the well-being of both Crystal City and the world, though his cynicism prevents him from telling anyone that.  He figures anyone serious enough to seek his advice - and endure what he puts them through for it - is more than qualified to do what has to be done. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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