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Name: Nathaniel Alexandrien Lockhart
Sex: Male
Race: Quarter Lokora Kanyi, quarter scorethian, half human [in theory]
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 157 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Orange
Date of Birth: 1 Onyx 14755
Place of Birth: Callmire
Faction: Crystal Controllers [Star Citrine]
Parents: Unknown

Personality: Nathaniel is very serious and straightforward most of the time, although he does have a sense of humor as well. Loyal, dedicated, and protective of family, friends, and allies. Adheres to the Crystal Code.

Short History:

Nathaniel is an orphan, abandoned at a very young age with his sister Amethyste [who was a mere newborn] on the outskirts of Crystal City. The only things he knows about their parents was that they were not happy with what they had done, but it had been necessary. They were left in the care of an aging couple in Ruby Sector who knew nothing of his family except that they were from the southern continent, Callmire, and that they were a mixed-race couple - a half-Scorethian woman and a half-lokoran Kanyi man who were fleeing someone or something.

With the clouds of mystery surrounding his family, he adopted his foster parent's name with his sister's blessing, and she later took it as well before they passed on, leaving their meager possessions and house to them. When he was sixteen he was discovered by Lyrix Erickson, Star Diamond of the Crystal Controllers and recruited in after demonstrating exceptional Star Citrine skill.  As well, not too long later his sister was discovered to be one of the rare Dragon Guardians - a crystal - and he moved out form the house to the Controller HQ so that she could live in peace.

When the rebellion against the Star Diamond began, he sided immediately with Mintaka, Lyrix's chosen successor, and defends Mintaka without question, honoring the Code Lyrix had taught him. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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