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Name: Cavalien Erien McKay
Sex: Male
Race: Kanyi
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Medium grey
Eyes: Amber
Date of Birth: 2 Topaz 14757
Place of Birth: Crystal City [Diamond Sector - Hospital]
Faction: None known
Parents: Unknown

Personality: Cavalien keeps to himself mostly, though when angered he is a foce to be reckoned with. When not in a combatitive situation and able to relax he's a great guy with a serious streak a mile wide, but still has some humor to him for all his deadly calm.  Loves animals and children, and making sure people are okay.

Short History:

Cavalien - Calvin to few - was orphened when only 6 by the death of his parents from Kanyi Hunters. He lived on the streets, refusing to go into a foster system which largely sent most kids to slavery instead [his parents worked against this issue strongly], and he learned the ropes quickly on how to survive in the dangerous outer sectors fo Crystal City and also in the inner rings of high crime of another nature. He teamed up with Rex Clark in his early teens, admiring the youth for turning his back on the family heritage he had; Cavalien was also an heir to an important family line. With their similarities and opposites, they made an effective team few bothered with.

Where Rex is dexterity and agility, Cavalien is raw strength and endurance.  He's not built like a tank, which decieves those who take him on.  His magic is equally devastating, and rarely ever called on unless its an extreme situation of life or death. He is Kanyi by birth, but the origins of the McKay line are mired in various races - the major item out fo place on Cavalien is the small curved horns on his forehead which look like small goat horns.  Some of his enemies have used this to taunt him, and usually end up beyond black and blue. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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