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Name: Joshua Joseph Jonathan James McKaye-Shaw
Sex: Male
Race: Kanyi [Dragon + Unicorn]
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Hair: Straw blonde
Eyes: Dark blue-grey
Date of Birth: 20 Ruby 14758
Place of Birth: Chaneldel, northern continent of Kiyara
Faction: None known
Parents: Janek McKaye + Silveri Shaw

Personality: Outgoing and light-hearted usually, though can be worse than a force of nature when finally riled enough.  Has a deep love of fire - not for its destructive side, but just for the beauty of the flame.

Short History:

Joshua was a child born with a curn that neither parent caused, but ahs caused him a life of grief. He cannot have short hair - for that matter it's always hanging down to the floor, no matter what; it weights nearly nothing to him, but it is a source fo teasing for some, and also of confusion when people think h's female.  Coupled with his innate skills with fire that he sometimes ahs troubles keeping under control and his over of fire anyway, and we have a man who has often been alone in his life.  Another thign which often seperates him from others is the small unicorn's horn on his forehead and the two antlers on his head.

Richard however could sympathize, being cast out for his own [often odd] beliefs.  He also drove off a batch of people teasing him tha day, aprtly with his own naturally insane gifts nd a few well-placed rocks to boot.  After the initial shock form bth of them at each other's abilities and appearances [RIchard looked like the motley fool gone modern or something that day with aweird colo scheme], they became close friends, talking about many things, from fire and flame to clover and color. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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