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Mr Shaw, at about the time all things start.Name: Johnathan Lee Shaw
Sex: Male
Race: Kanyi [Kiyari] Emerald Dragon heritage
Height: 5' 11 3/4"
Weight: 128
Hair: Golden blonde
Eyes: Ice blue
Date of Birth: 14 Opal 14757 [According to Cryochamber]
Place of Birth: Crystal City
Faction: Crystal Controller [Silver]
Parents: Joseph Shaw + ?? [unknown]

Personality: Usually optimistic and cheery, though has a bad temper when it comes to people hurting those he's close to. He also has some moments of intense depression, partly stemmed from his missing past or very major happenings, such as Mintaka going missing.

Short History:

Johnathan recalls nothing before he was Cryofrozen aside his name and the basic necessities of life such as speech, etc.  He's spent most of his life with Mintaka aside the two years Mintaka was gone for the war. Johnathan's shared many of Mintaka's problems, including the street life they dealt with and Mintaka's disabilities, helping him to overcome them and be cured. Johnathan has a small pair of emerald dragon wings on his back which seem mostly useless - and he claims are so. They appear and disappear at varying moments, but are typcailly there unless he wills it otherwise [until he's angered and forgets to keep them away...]. Very rarely - usually only when angered - does he have a matching long tail.

He and Neko Clark have an intense rivalry/hatred that one day will bring them into a severe fight, given only half a chance.  The words, insults, and other non-violent means have been going on for some time. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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