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Name: Phoenix Steven Stadtler
Sex: Male
Race: Phoenix of Kanyi [Kyari] heritage
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 98 lbs.
Hair: Silvery white
Eyes: Grey
Date of Birth: 17 Opal 14765
Place of Birth: Unkwown
Faction: None [though works with Crystal Controllers often]
Parents: Phoenix Allen Stadtler + unknown

Personality: The pervert.  He's much like a dirty old man for being only 11 years old.  It makes no sense, but Johnathan figures he just picked up habits from his father. Hits on women older than him [like 5+ years older] and causes mischief a lot. Acts innocent otherwise, especially when in trouble.

Short History:

He is a mystery to all, as Phoenix was never mentioned by his father, nor any trace fo him recalled by either Mintaka and Johnathan who were raised by teh General Phoenix A. Stadlter.  He was found inside the cathedral at the funeral for P. A. Stadtler, hiding behind the altar as Mintaka and Johnathan went in alone to pay respects to their adoptd father. They took him in and decided to raise him and take care of him in recompense for what his father did for them; little did they realize what a handful they had. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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