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Crystara is inhabited with many people who have played some part in the intricate weave of history, however seven people will rise together and ultimately change things.  Other important people - those considered good and evil both - are also integral. The Core Seven are:

Mintaka Kyuna Angora
Johnathan Lee Shaw
Rex Allen Clark
Cavalien Erien McKay
Joshua Joseph Jonathan James McKaye-Shaw
Richard Michael Angora
Phoenix Steven Stadtler

Other important names which might appear in anything appearing here include [these profiles will be added as wanted/needed]:

Johnythyn Makari Karadontia
Anita Victeliene Angora
Nix Xaviene Camerone
Tyraka Kiriné Angora
Neko Hiatiane Clark
Nathaniel Alexandrien Lockhart
Kelendi Rykeshi Acacian
Keno Lucieth Diamondé
Tericor Niveath Adera
Shakera Overti Adera
Miya Alika Sanderson
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