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The factions have become part of the heart and soul of Crystara, standing for core beliefs, preserving races, or someply making a statement.  Many people go without being affiliated or a part of one; but there is no denying the factions are part of the ruling power of Crystara - especially in Crystal City. The most prominant and well-known ones operate from Crystal City - or Element City in a few cases. Most of the others are far less to contend with, or have less wishes to get involved in the world-wide chaos of politics.

Below is a list of known factions and a list of their status and beliefs.

Elemental Guardians
The Elemental Guardiands are the protectors of the "Natural" Elements, and are rivals of the Crystal COntrollers. They are currently active, although they do not have a current Alemental position filled.  Two brothers who are highly respected are quarreling over how it should be run as they search for their new leader.

Crystal Controllers
The Crystal Controllers are currently led by Mintaka Angora, although unrest has been noted among many of the older members who thought Lyrix should have chosen one fo them over the young man.  They protect the Crystal Elements and try not to get into too many scrapes with the Elemental Guardians.

Elemental Dragon Guardians
Currently "hidden" - all the members keep their status hidden for the most part aside fomr close friends.  Their leader is unknown, but it is known that both Dragon Guardian groups follow one true leader above their Elemental, and that man is the illegitimate son of Tericor Adera, Shakera Adera.  They protect the dragon-kind which use the natural elements, and are composed only of males.

Crystal Dragon Guardians
Also under Shakera's leadership are the Crystal Dragon guardians, who supplement their male counterparts, except they protect the crystal-element aligned draconians. Their leader is also unknown, and many do not make their association to the faction known to protect their own like the males. An all-female faction.

Elemental Phoenixlords
The female-side fo the Phoenix factions, though they are not united under one leader.  Dracora is the current Elemental, and she leads fairly and is respected by many others, faction or political.  There is rumor going around that the Phoenixlord factions are in unrest, quarreling among themselves. Protect the natural-element aligned phpenix-kind.

Crystal Phoenixlords
An all-male faction that protects the crystal-element Phoenix-kind, they are led currently not by their Elemental, but by Jet Phoenixlord Clyde Clark.  Their leader has been ill, and left the faction to him, despite the complaints of some others who fear Clyde will usurp the faction and use it to gain power.

Rune Guardians [Guardians of Rune]
An 'extinct' faction that seemed to die out as the current top 6 came to be in 300. The last known leader was Nix Camerone.  Protected the power of Rune/Ice Diamond, the basis of all light-powered elemental magics.

Shadowfire Guardians pGuardians of Shadowfire]
An 'extinct' faction that seemed to die out as the current top 6 came to be in 300. The last known leader was Tyraka Angora.  Protected the power of Shadowfire/Black Saphhire, the basis of all light-powered elemental magics.

Controllers of Emotion
Not much is known about this newer faction other than that they have taken hold in the southern lands, past the Crescent Bay and are aligned with the power of emotion control.  No one knows who the leader is, what their goals are, or what they stand for.

Council of Gryph
The faction representing all Gryphon-kind, led by Ricor Sanderson of the Kiret island nation off the east coast of the northern continent. They stay out of the Crystal City politics unless the matter affects the whole world; they pretty much only act when a threat to th race of Gryphs arises or the world is under threat.  Word ahs it Ricor is planning to use the Council for his own means, but they deny it. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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