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FAQ And Site Information

Crystara was started originally in my mind in 1996/1997 and has become what it is today.  I have created everything in here myself, with lots of work, etc. was purchased June 26th, 2002 and has passed its first birthday.

Please do not use any content off Crystara without my express permission, and without giving me credit.  I have worked hard on ths site and everything having to do with Crystara. Even if the content is located on Monochromatic Butterfly or my DeviantArt account, please do not take and use it. is hosted by services along side and the rest of the IA network. Connected to the Ichor Angelus network, maintained by D. Mintaka Peal. Designed and maintained by Crystara Studios.


Name: Deborah Anne Peal, aka D. "Mintaka" Peal
Age: 21
Birthdate: Apr 29 82
Location: California
Nicks: Mintaka, Min, Minty...


Min was born in California and raised there, a Cali girl who hates being called so.  She loves video games and fantasy works, loves to write and draw, and is into comics as well [<3 Green Arrow].  She maintains three domains [?!] -,, and -- her project, her collective "network" and the community she founded, respectively. She hopes to take Crystara to the ultimate level and persue it as a graphic novel [over the traditional novel format] for people to read and enjoy, and not have to work the standard boring minimum wage job - aka the McJob. And if that wasn't enough, she's currently awaiing results on wether the US Gov't will do anything about ehr knee injury that prevents her form aquiring a 8 hr. all standing McJob, too. Min however is not currently taking donations, but if you really feel like it, you can contact her.  (Ha. The last bits are mostly joking... but she IS currently in the market for a job, and IS currently screwed up with er right knee.  No donations will be taken currently.  If things get really bad, well... we'll just hope that never happens.  Though she may oopen donations via PayPal to nothing BUT Crystara's hosting.  :D ... (My host provider has a thing for it, why not?))


email: webmaster [at]
AIM: HolyAngelAjora
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All content unless otherwise stated copyright Deborah Anne Peal, 2001-2004.  All rights reserved.
For details and contact information, see the FAQ.
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