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This is the "LiveJournal alternate realm" project page. There's links to individual journals, plus the main community, and you'll see some crossovers into my friend's world, Krystaria and her characters.

Crystara Community


Journal name - username [character]

Faceted - stardiamond [Mintaka Angora]
Tarnished Silver - silvance [Johnathan Shaw]
// Systema Sephirotica // - karadontia [Johnythyn Karadontia]
Asylum Triptych - triptych_high [Richard Angora]
Miragica - terrarotica [Anita Angora]
The Black Emerald - shadowemerald [Rex Clark]
Heaven & Earth - dawnbreaker [Cavalien McKay]
Crucible of Flames - cyrixflamea [Joshua McKaye-Shaw]
Painful Existence - citrinic [Nathaniel Lockhart]
Emeraldic - simplexia [Neko Clark]
Shadows of Doubt - abyssian_night [Phoenix K. Stadtler] **

** Not in any relation to Phoenix S. Stadtler or Phoenix A. Stadtler - another one.  Thought I'd make this clear now.  XD

Oh, there will probably be more.  Their current situation is being on an earth/Crystara amalgamtion.  :o  Thing to do when bored.  >=D  Call this whole project here a "alternate universe" for the guys. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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