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Magic is the powerful forces that can heal or harm, based on one of two elements.  Some people can call powers straight form the mind, with no elements involved, and they are the Psychs, wielding the psychic power of the mind.  As stated in the Basics, there are two types of Elements in the world - the Natural Elements [a.k.a. Elemental] and the Crystal Elements [a.k.a. Crystal].  Psychic is neither, being a neutral un-elemented force.

Crystal and Elemental are polar opposites in the grand scheme of things, and a long-standing rivalry over which is better has been ingrained into the world.  Both types of elements have two basic raw elements from which all others are derived; for Element it is Rune and Nightfire, and for Crystal, it is Ice Diamond and Black Sapphire. No one in memory is recalled to have ever been able to crontrol those elements or use them other than Kyanth - Guardian of magic and God of the Kanyi. They are simply to unstable for anyone to control properly without risking death, and their nexii almost non-existence in Crystara.

Below are sections more on each, and a link to conversions between element and crystal.

The Rundown on Types

Elemental - The basic building blocks
Elemental - or Natural - Element is what most people know and comprehend.  The elements of Fire, Earth, and others all are 'Natural' elements, ones based in things we see and know. More used by people then the opposing Element, Crystal, though only bound to its natural states.

Crystal - The underestimated powers
Crystal Element is based off the inherent power of the Crystals in Crystara, though a crystal is not needed to use its power; its forms are based on the natural elements they are like, but often take colors of the crystal "powering" it. usually not found beyond Crystara due to the weak natural magic sources in other worlds for it.

Psychic Powers, and their rarity
True Psyhc power is rare - most are actually the element-based powers. True psychic power cannot be bound or halted by elemental means, and may or may not be linked to a particular occuring element.  Some are true psychic abilities like telekinesis, and ESp, while others are the manipulation of natural elements [sometimes in a crystal-like form]. Tue Psych controllers are feared by many, but thanks to its own illusions, most are protected fomr discovery - until its too late ofr the person who crossed them.

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