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Old Layouts spent about a years time as my personal site, however the layouts are also archived here. [Starting at 3.0 is... odd.] Below is a bit about them and links to the screenshots of them.

Version 1.0
Title: Brave New World
Info: Inspired by the Styx song/album of the same name, I went sprite crazy with it as well. Not my best, but ti worked until 2.0 came together. The Homepage stage.
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Version 2.0
Title: Straight & Narrow
Info: Inspired from lyrics in Crystal Ball by Styx, a layout I just put together because I could.  The other homepage layout, and one I like.
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Version 3.0/3.5
Title: Crash Course :: Crystal City
Info: Decided to go random, and themed it red & blue after ice & fire, and the name... just out of the blue after the "biggest" city in Crystara. 3.5 changed Crystara form Iframe-based layouts to frame-based layouts.
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Version 4.0
Title: Not a Word I Heard Could I Relate
Info: Was listening to Kashmir when I made it, featuring my most recent picture of Johnathan Shaw.
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Version 5.0
Title: Try to Change
Info: PHP is integrated into the site - no database backend, but will make changing the navigation & layouts slightly easier. No splash [awww...!] but every page NOW has navigation on it.  ^^~ Yay!
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