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Crystara is filled with many inhabitants, but several major races are of importance, as they have played important roles in its history.

Humans were the first inhabitants fo Crystara at its creation, and have nothing remarkable.  At this point the average human can have nearly any hair/eye color, as many human families have some trace fo other blood in their bloodlines. However, none have true natural inherent power with the lements, and must use outward means to control magical powers.

A race of beings gifted with the skill of natural use of elements, but of human heritage.  Most now have some other blood blending into them, and can assume the forms of other races [whatever their heritage - many have phoenix or dragon blood in their veins as well - Phoenixes, Dragons, and othe naturally magical creatures are NOT necessarily Kanyi, however].  The distinctive mark of a Kanyi only appears either in an extreme situation of stress and anguish, or whenever the two moons for the double crescent. There are three subraces, set on criteria of what 'alignment' they have - the Kiyari are inherently good, the Emyran [who are extinct by all records] are neutral, and Lokora are the more evil Kanyi. Persecuted by many for their powers and abilities over elements from within after an incident long in the past where one when insane and killed the population of an entire continent before being killed. The magic inherent within them makes their weight lighter than a human of the same height, despite looking the same otherwise.

Dragons inhabit the world of Crystara, but many take human forms to live among the humans and Kanyi. based on either the Natural Elements or the Crystal Elements. Not all are Kanyi.  Some still keep traces of their heritage - be it tails, wings, horns, or other markings.

A race that is part dragon, part demon, and often in the form of a human mieed with draconic qualities.  Always wearing the helm of their armor to hide their eyes and to show their heritage.  Powerful creatures with extremely long lifespans who are hunted for their "fates" - very few are born without a set path in life, and those who have one are often present at huge events which often bring about change.

The birds who are rumored to live forever, Crystaran Phoenixes can, but many go on to the afterlife after one or two lifetimes - or after dying a tragic death before they can be "reborn". based in either element like dragons, and often quarreling with Dragon-kind as well over matters of Crystara.  There are many subraces of phoenix not named by their elements, with minor differences among them.  Can wander with or without wings or tail, or other traces of their heritage in their human forms.

An angel/phoenix race that usualy stays in a human form with long, feathery ears and sometimes keep their tails visible.  Very spiritual and powerful, with great command over the elemental powers and powers to 'see' what others cannot.  A secluded race which tries to stay out of the affairs of other races, and seemed to have come from another plane of existence that was destroyed. Many are now devout followers of the Night Phoenix, Desrania.

Gryphons are another common race in Crystara, all the many versions, wether they have any good command over elements or not.  They tend to mind their own business and mingle among men as a normal human, or with tufted, furred ears and sometimes wings.  The largest concentration of them is in the Kiert region near the northern continent.

Angels of many kinds also roam Crystara, though many keep their heritage a secret, as angel and phoenix wings have very distinct differences.  Rumor has it that a batch of Seraphs have a faction of their own, but no one can comfirm or deny this.

Call either, these dark beings are the opposites of the angels, and many also hide their heritage to preserve their lives from those who fear and hate them.  Not all demons are truly evil - but those bad apples who truly have caused the world problems have tarnished the name for all demonkind.

A scorpion race that assumes a hybrid form of human and scorpion [human bodies with large scorpion tails usually] though can appear as a giant scorpion, or have no tail. Live primarily in the southern continenet in the warm regions. :: v 5.0 -{ Footer }-
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