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Old Updates

--Dec 28 03 :: Comic #04 up, art updates not up.  >_<  Coming soon on those!

Dec 19 03 :: My apologies on the lack of updates... Nov. was not as ewll as I'd have liked, and no comic came to be.  Life is fickle like that.  On the other hand, I promise updates soon in art! As in at least a "temp" Richard portrait, adn three new arts.  Hre's one now to wish my visitors a happy holidays! Comic #04 is actually sketched and barely inked... just need to bite the bullet and finish it but it won't eb before christmas... I have 2 MUST BE DONE pics by christmas, 3 actually, one is an in-person gift.  And a contest.  Then and only then can I work on #04, bt I promise it'll be worth it as it starts a story arc!

October 30 03 :: No new comic... been on a downturn so I really didn't feel upto it.  :|  Three weeks without a signifigant piece of work at all... that is painful.  On the other hand - new piece of art & a portrait for Phoenix Steven Stadtler.  :D Innocent?  I don't think so!  XD

October 04 03 :: Comic #03 is up [finally!] ... sorry about the huge gap there. ^^; No other news really.  :D  Thanks for 200 hits.  ^^~ And hopefully I can get a halloween pic done soon.  Ta~!!

September 29 03 ~ New layout, v. 5.0 and php-ness going on.  A slow conversion to actual streamlined, flowing site that will be easier to update and non-frame dependent.  Navigation on every page?! It's a miracle.

In content updates, you can see some additions to the navigation, and as well, additions to characters [two new bios, two new names], and a new art. Enjoy!

September 04 03 :: Added Forums [under work, so forgive that unfinished look - debating making them Crystara Only or making them a network-wide forum. Other than that, Crystara//Comic #02 is up over there.  <3 Nothing much else I think.  O_o

August 26 03 :: Changed my counter again -- this one should work a little better. ^^; plus i got tired of the SAME THING over and over...

Also commenting on the arrival of crystara//comic #02 - coming "soon" ... I have it sketched out in Painter7, and 1 of 4 panels are inked.  What takes me the longest, honestly, is coloring.  And I'm also trying to fit in some non-Crystara arts in for Kikkyou.  plus I ahd a gift art or two to ekk out... so its a rotating deal.  I'm going to say a week or two, tops. It'll be good.  Also fixed all navigation problems, I HOPE. Obviously I'm not thinking when working, am I?

August 21 03 :: Added a picture of Anita Angora, and gave her a profile picture as well.  Also added soem data on Nix Camerone.  Fiction coming soon that is currently on related to Nix. Comic is still thre, new one coming soon.  Fixed Navigation issues as well.

On the subject of fanart ~ I don't mind it one bit -- and if you DO do some, I'd like to see it.  XD; In fact, I may even start a gallery for it if I get some.  :o

August 17 03 :: Since its only been a day, double updates visible.  Today includes only 2 details: Fixing the bloody guestbook view link, and adding Anita Angora's profile in.  Will have to add Miya soon...

August 16 03 :: Version 4.0 hits, with new colors and layouts, and even BETTER than that NEW NAVIGATION!  Ok, no that great.  How about... THE COMIC IS HERE! Yeah, knew that'd getcha.  Hop on over there [accessible from here via the Art sub-navigation "stripe" comic link - or following THIS LINK here] and be awed.  Or not. Both places use the same guestbook, so go sign or something.  XD;;  Added an old update page for here, too. Whee.

August 01 03 :: Version 3.5 - no more Iframes, now using frames.  Should have thought of this one sooner.  SO, on thing says 3.0, the basics say 3.5.  Nothing much else, other than preparing for the comic.  X_x;

July 28 03 :: Crystara [re-]opens - finally, at last.  Contains profile information on the core seven cast [plus one!] and lays the ground work for the two 'projects' entails with Crystara:

The Graphic Novel Plan
The Online Comic

Neither is truly related to the other; the real story is the first, the random side-story takes are the second, where I can do insane things and just entertain and build interest.  They share some things, but the major storyline will not all be spilled in the comic, which will come about soon/eventually.  Please don't bother me about when; I have other things I must take car eof as well in my life.

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